Please explore the list of FAQs below to see if you find the answers you need. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form on this page.

Are COVID-19 measures still in place?

View the latest COVID-19 measures being taken for everyone’s safety.

How do I get referred to Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Devizes?

You have the right to choose where to be treated and can be referred to us by asking your GP.

If your GP doesn’t include us on the list of options available to you, just tell them that you’d like to be treated by us and they can still make a referral as long as you are eligible for treatment with us – the choice is yours, and we accept referrals from any location in the UK.

How do we comply with the CMA order?

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (the “CMA”) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the “Order”) following its investigation into the private healthcare industry. The Order imposed requirements on private hospital operators to disclose certain information in relation to referring clinicians (as defined by the Order) for the benefit of patients. Full details about the investigation and the Order can be found on the The information provided by Practice Plus Group below is required by the Order.

Practice Plus Group private healthcare services are delivered through fee rates and packages agreed between Practice Plus Group and Medical Insurers or Private Patients. Consultants who are employed or engaged through Practice Plus Group do not levy any fees directly to Medical Insurers or Private Patients, in relation to any healthcare services provided by Practice Plus Group. No Clinicians hold practicing privileges with Practice Plus Group and thus all referrals are received directly from General Practice, Private Patients or via Medical Insurers.

Practice Plus Group does not provide any Clinicians with any Direct Incentives or any High Value Services.

In the course of providing NHS and private healthcare services Practice Plus Group does provide some or all of the following Low Value Services:

  1. General services to ensure clinical safety e.g. in house training, administrative services, insurance or indemnity cover in respect of the treatment of patients.
  2. Basic workplace amenities including refreshments, subsidised meals provided on site, parking, and stationery.
  3. General marketing services e.g. general promotional events, providing consultant biographies/directories.
  4. General corporate hospitality.

Do you do day surgery and in-patient surgery?

At Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Devizes we provide day surgery, with our in-patient surgical procedures carried out at our in-patient hospital, Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green, near Bristol.

The procedures carried out at our Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green site are: primary hip replacement, total hip replacement, primary knee replacement, total knee replacement and uni-knee replacement. All pre-operative and post-operative appointments can be offered at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Devizes.

Can I still have my surgery at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Devizes if I have a health condition?

Depending on what your health condition is we can provide selected treatments as long as your condition is well managed and stable upon admission to the hospital. Speak to your GP to find out more.

I have already been referred to another hospital, can I change my mind?

You can be referred to us if even you are already on the waiting list at another hospital, just ask your GP to redirect your referral to us.

How much does it cost to be treated at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Devizes?

As the champions of patient choice, we offer treatments for NHS and private patients.

If you are referred to us by your GP as an NHS patient, you do not have to pay for our services and will receive your treatment under the NHS for free as you would at your local trust hospital.

If you have been referred to us as a private or self pay patient, we will charge for treatments. Our most up to date price list can be found here.

Who are your consultants?

We are proud to offer a fully consultant-delivered service.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We offer free Wi-Fi access for patients and visitors.

How do I book my outpatient clinic appointment?

Once you have been referred to us by your GP, we will call you to book your first outpatient appointment. If you miss our call, you can call our patient booking team on 01179 061 800 to book your appointment.

Your GP may also refer you through the e-Referral Service which is an online booking system where you can chose which hospital you would like to go to and your own appointment date and time. You can do this online or by telephone. The instructions to book an appointment will be on your booking letter along with a password given to you by your GP/referrer. Once you have chosen to come to us your referral will then be sent to us. Once you have made an appointment with us, we will then be able to access your referral details and answer any queries.