The patient experience

Fast, quality outcomes, transparently-priced treatment

Our unfaltering dedication to quality is something we are very proud of; we constantly strive to do things better for our patients. This ethos has led to innovative, evidence based developments to our procedures and ongoing improvements to the patient experience.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independent regulator of health and social care in England, rated us ‘Good’. This means you can rest assured that our services are safe, reliable and patient-focused.

We know that our performance is a vital part of trusting us to care for you or loved ones, which is why we want to share the following information with you.


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What you will get

  • The highest quality care
  • A named consultant from start to finish

What you won’t get

  • Any compromise on safety or outcome
  • Any hidden extra costs


As a day visitor

Before your operation

Your appointment letter will state the time of your appointment. Please give yourself plenty of time to travel to the hospital.

Ensure you drink plenty of water as you may need to have a urine or blood test. This is especially relevant to urology and gynaecology patients.

If you require glasses please make sure you bring them with you, as you may need to read and fill out paperwork.

Make sure you have a detailed list of the medication you are currently taking and have taken in the past.

If you are an ophthalmology patient, please do not drive yourself to the hospital.

Disabled access

All areas of our hospital are accessible to wheelchair users. Portable hearing loops are available at the main reception desk and can be carried around the hospital as required.

During your visit

The nature of your day visit depends on whether you are undergoing diagnostic testing, minor surgery, or a different procedure although.

If you are undergoing a procedure or treatment on the day, our team will ensure that you can recover in a safe and comfortable environment. Your Consultant and nurses will monitor you closely and decide when you are ready to leave.